June 17, 2007

Preseason magazine reviews - Athlon

For the avid college football fan the slowest time of the year has arrived. For the next couple months we will all attempt to wait patiently for the start of the season but will fail miserably. To hold us over and pass the time, many will hit the magazine racks of the local bookstore and pick up one or more preseason college football publications.

There problem is there are many choices of varying quality and accuracy. For next week or two we will review the four most popular preseason magazines - Athlon, Lindy's, Sporting News and Phil Steele. Our first review is of Athlon's ACC Edition.

Athlon - ACC Edition

Total pages: 176

Price: $6.99

ACC Edition Cover - Antone Smith along with Miami RB Javarris James

Total pages devoted to FSU: 4 (plus one photo)

Published: Nashville, Tennessee

Web site: www.athlonsports.com

At least in Tallahassee, Athlon's was the first preseason magazine with an ACC edition to hit the shelves. In the past, in its rush to be the first publication available, the Nashville, Tennessee based publication has been short on compelling content and accuracy.

They have improved in both of those areas with their 2007 publication but you still have to be a pretty desperate Florida State fan to pay $6.99 for this magazine. Compared to the other preview magazines, Athlon is always heavy on articles and features as opposed to rankings and specific team coverage. They have become more balanced the last few years but still trail behind Lindy's and Phil Steele, who both have more interesting statistical breakdowns, rankings and ratings for the college football geek.

Highlights from the national section:

There is a pretty good feature story on playcalling and how complicated it has become. The story gives a pretty good insight into what offensive coordinators go through in the playcalling process.

The other feature that caught our eye was a look back at the top 40 players from 2002 recruiting class - yes, that includes Dishon Platt. It's always interesting to see what happened to some of the old blue chip recruits. Warchant.com did this last year with FSU's 2002 recruiting class.

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