June 19, 2007

Preseason magazine reviews - Lindy's

In our first preseason magazine review we took a close look at Athlon's ACC Edition and gave our recommendation. In our second review, our target is Lindy's magazine which is based out of Birmingham, Alabama.


Total pages: 184

Price: $6.99

ACC Edition Cover - Greg Carr with a Miami player

Total pages devoted to FSU: 7 (plus one photo)

Ad space: 27.5 pages

Published: Birmingham, Alabama

Web site: www.lindyssports.com

Athlon and Lindy's are usually mentioned in the same breath, and although they follow a similar format, there are significant differences. While both publications have feature stories, All-American teams, team breakdowns and rank the top 25 teams, Lindy's provides more unit and player rankings and analysis. I may not always agree with those ranking lists and the accompanying analysis, but it does make for a much more interesting read.

I also got the impression going though Lindy's that there was a lot more content than Athlon and I couldn't figure out why until counted the number of ads in the two publications. Lindy's is only eight pages longer than Athlon but when you consider the number of ads in both (Athlon - 44, Lindy's 27.5), you get 24.5 more pages of content in Lindy's! You are paying to read a lot of ads in Athlon.

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