May 24, 2009

Week in review : North Broward vs Cardinal Gibbons

We review some of the spring games from the past week that we attended. Cardinal Gibbons hosted North Broward Prep on Wednesday afternoon and the format was of the day featured 9-on-7 inside run, 1-on-1's between linemen and skill positions, 7-on-7 passing skelly, and ending with a scrimmage between the two teams. Below is a list of prospects that shined throughout the day's events.

Cardinal Gibbons Prospects:

Dareyon Chance - 2010 Running Back:

The 5 foot 5, 160-pound Chance had yet another productive day for the Chiefs, and on this day was the best running back on the field. His effectiveness in the passing game is what separates Chance from other backs. Cardinal Gibbons does a good job getting Chance the ball in space, where Chance one on one is a mismatch for just about anyone. Chance also tested the linebackers and safeties vertically up the middle of the field in the passing game as well. Running the ball Chance was very productive with limited carries, and even got quite a few yards between the tackles.

Shawn Corker - 2010 Wide Receiver:

The 6 foot 1, 180-pound Corker is real physical and did a great job during the one on one portion of the day, getting off jams and pulling away from defenders. During the actual spring game Corker made a leaping grab over a defensive back which has become his signature move. He also caught a pass over the middle, broke three tackles, and pulled away from the defense for a touchdown that was called back due to a holding penalty. Corker also got down right nasty blocking during running plays, he made pads pop today.

Bobby Hart - 2011 Offensive Tackle/Defensive Tackle:

The 6 foot 4, 260-pound Hart is down right nasty. Hart lined up at right tackle, and got limited time on the defensive line. In the one on one portion of practice pancaked a few kids and about started a fight, all before the scrimmage actually started! Hart's technique is bad, but his size, angry disposition, and agility are something to work with. Hart tends to stop moving his feet while engaged with defenders, something that will hurt him when facing elite defensive ends.

Keelan Wilks - 2010 Linebacker:

The 6 foot, 230-pound Wilks was very active today and had the play of the game. Wilks dropped into coverage inside the red zone and came away with an interception. He rumbled down the field only to be caught by Grant near midfield, where he shook off Grant's attempt to strip the ball and took the ball in for a touchdown. Wilks most likely will end up as a defensive tackle at the next level.

Chris Rapka - 2010 Quarterback:

The 6 foot 2, 195-pound Rapka is not pretty or flashy, but he got the job done today. He managed the offense very well, spreading the ball to his receivers, and took what the defense gave him. Rapka's highlight of the day was when he went through his progression and ended up finding a wide open tight end dragging across the middle of the field who then took the ball in for a score.

Garrett Smith - 2010 Cornerback:

The 5 foot 9, 165-pound Smith did not get a chance to show off his coverage skills during the game, but was solid in the one on one portion. A concern is his ability to get off blocks and support the run. He struggled as he missed a few early tackles on sweeps.

Tim Burton - 2011 Cornerback/Wide Receiver:

The 5 foot 8, 160-pound Burton had nice day on the offensive side of the ball. Burton was effective running bubble screens and jet sweeps. He was not tested much while at his cornerback position.

Erick Hallman - 2012 Linebacker:

Hallman had an up and down day. In the 7-on-7 portion had a pick and showed good coverage skills. During the actual scrimmage he missed a few too many tackles that you don't normally see from the youngster.

North Broward Prep Prospects:

Chris Lyle - 2011 Running Back/Cornerback:

The 5 foot 8, 175-pound Lyle was NBP's best player Wednesday. He may not wow you with speed, but he made plays today. He broke off a long touchdown run, and played a solid cornerback on defense.

Ethan Grant - 2010 Running Back:

The 5 foot 9, 170-pound Grant was effective running the ball, showing good quickness during the scrimmage. He also looked pretty good lining up as a cornerback during one on ones portion of the day, even though Corker did get the better of him the only time they faced each other. Grant left the game knocked out of the game late. The biggest questions regarding Grant are can he make people miss and can he handle the pounding at the college level?

Chris Jeannot - 2010 Wide Receiver:

The 6 foot, 175-pound Jeannot is a nice looking prospect for lower level division one schools. He caught two deep touchdown passes today on go routes. Jeannot has good size and is physical at his wide receiver spot.

Brandon Doughty - 2010 Quarterback:

The 6 foot 3, 180-pound Doughty struggled moving the NBP offense. The 2 deep balls he did complete were against Cardinal Gibbon's junior varsity.

We will have more reviews in the coming days from the week.

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