October 13, 2009

McCoy not just a tight end anymore

Texas A&M might have lost to Oklahoma State Saturday, 36-31, but the Aggies may have done something different in the process - find a fullback. And it's from an unlikely source.

Senior tight end Jamie McCoy has lined up in the backfield multiple times this season, but Saturday was the first time he has run out of the formation. McCoy, the fullback, rushed for 24 yards on four carries in the Aggie loss.

"I liked it. Anything I can do to help the team. Coach Sherman told me he had a play for me so he put that in there and it worked out for us," McCoy said. "I thought it was just a play we were going to throw out there to give a new look, but it actually worked out for us. We might try it some more and see how it goes."

Moving around on the football field isn't anything new for McCoy. He started out his career at A&M as a quarterback and after two seasons, one being a redshirt year, he moved to wide receiver. When Mike Sherman took over the reins in College Station he moved McCoy to tight end despite being undersized.

His ability in the passing game is what Sherman saw in McCoy to make the move, but his blocking took a hit on the line as he hovered between 220 and 225 pounds. Now 10-15 pounds heavier, McCoy said he stays between 235 and 240 pounds, Sherman says he is one of the best blockers on the team as a tight end and also as a lead blocker.

"He's one of our best blockers. He's really done a great job with his hands," Sherman said. "We do that board drill in practice on Tuesdays and for the most part he wins those, and in the game he's done a nice job. He's very good with his hands. He's got excellent feet and balance, so I would say he's become a very efficient blocker."

McCoy's initial experiences at fullback this season has drawn from his new blocking abilities as a lead blocker, but the carries add a new wrinkle to the formation. It was this past week when Sherman first approached McCoy about it, and in the game it was a surprise when Sherman actually called the play.

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