December 10, 2009

Bostic gets a trio of visitors

Georgia Tech commitment Barry Bostic is just days away from graduation at Jefferson County High School in Louisville (Ga.) and he is just a month away from starting school at Georgia Tech. On Thursday, Bostic had a couple of visitors come by for a chat.

Georgia Tech head coach Paul Johnson, recruiting coordinator Giff Smith and cornerbacks coach Charles Kelly all made the trip down to Louisville for an in-home with the talented athlete.

"It was a nice visit and we had a lot of fun sharing stories about our pasts," Bostic said. "They told me they want me to report on Jan. 7 so I can get my Buzzcard and we were figuring out when to sign scholarships and that sort of stuff."

Bostic has been playing mostly offense this season and after injuring his knee toward the end of the regular season was relegated to playing only quarterback. Given Bostic's tremendous offensive skills coach Johnson joked to him about stealing him away for the offensive side of the ball.

"Coach Johnson was messing with Coach Kelly telling him that he was going to play me at quarterback after seeing my film this year," he said. "I know Coach Kelly really wants me at cornerback and I am looking forward to that."

This weekend Bostic and the rest of the commitments save Quayshawn Nealy whose team is still in the Florida playoffs will be in Atlanta for their official visit. Bostic sees the trip as an opportunity to expand friendships with the current commits and to reassure any minor concerns he has in the back of his mind.

"I am really looking forward to the trip this weekend. I am really enjoying being a Tech commitment and this trip will help remind me of how great that decision to commit was," he said. "I am also making sure that I am making the best decision for myself."

Over the summer at a Georgia Tech camp, Bostic became close the initial group of commitments, which included Charles Perkins, Fred Holton, Denzel McCoy, Isaiah Johnson, and a later commitment Anthony Williams. Bostic is hoping to become closer to the other commitment during the official visit as well.

"I became really close to Fred early because we were the two Atlanta outsiders and after that camp Isaiah, Charles, Denzel and Fred became really close friends of mine. Anthony wasn't committed at the time but we all felt really close to each other," Bostic said. "I am really looking forward to hanging with all of them."

Schools have been pursuing Bostic for months, but with less than a month to go be for college begins, he has told everyone including Georgia to back off.

"Basically when the visit period began again I told everyone to back off," he said. "People keep asking me if I am solid to Georgia Tech and I am. There isn't even enough time for any of these schools to get me in anyways, so I don't know why they bother."

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