December 15, 2009

Bostic gets some surprising news during visit

This past weekend four-star athlete and current Georgia Tech commitment Barry Bostic was in Atlanta for his official visit. Bostic met with the players, the staff and hung out for the weekend, but his meeting with head coach Paul Johnson was really what stood out to him. Johnson was honest about where Bostic fits into the Jackets plans.

"I talk to the coaches all the time and I hit it off with Coach Charles Kelly during the visit and I always love being around Coach Giff Smith," Bostic said. "Coach Smith loves me to death and I got a chance to even talk with Coach Johnson while we were there. Coach Johnson had a meeting with everyone in his office, I was the first one in the meeting, and he talked to my parents and me about what position I will play. He was upfront and asked me what position do I want to play.

Bostic then heard some news that really surprised him from Coach Johnson.

"Coach Johnson had been joking about playing me at quarterback and he asked me where I wanted to play. He said that quarterback is a real possibility and he sees me playing at the A-back position and corner as well, because I am versatile. He said he is going to put me out there at corner to start and they will move me around to see what best fits me," Bostic said.

Bostic enrolls in January along with running back Charles Perkins and safety Isaiah Johnson. During his visit, he was impressed with the family-like atmosphere at Tech.

"It was really nice and we are like a big ole family. We have this great bond that no other class has," Bostic said. "All of us get along great and we had a great time. I am excited to be going up there. We went out with our hosts. Some of us went out to see what the city was about. I just had a great time going out with the players and seeing how it is to live in the city."

After facing each other in the playoffs Bostic and fellow commitment Fred Holton, the two South Georgia members of the 2010 recruiting class have a special bond. Bostic felt the bond during the visit when the two players spent most of the visiting hanging out.

"Basically me and Fred got this bond between us. There is something about us when we get around here. I was around Fred around 95-percent of the time. Everywhere Fred was, I was and everywhere I was, Fred was," he said. "Isaiah and Ryan (Ayers) are very close. I also hit it off with Charles, Denzel McCoy and Anthony Williams too."

The relaxed moments with the current Georgia Tech players in the dorms was also something else that stood out to Bostic.

"Everything was entertaining to me, but when we got around the older players who are already there, they made us feel so welcome," Bostic said. "It was nice to see how life is there when they are not in practice. Just them in chill mode playing video games and stuff like that."

With less than a month to go before he enrolls, Bostic is getting more and more excited as he wraps up his final week of classes at Jefferson County High School. He is looking forward to a successful future in Atlanta as a Jacket.

"The staff told me it is right around the corner for me to come in because I am an early enrollee. I am supposed to report on Jan. 7 so we were making sure all my information was down as well as filling out financial aid stuff and HOPE Scholarship stuff so I will have all that when I come in on Jan. 7. I feel like I am one of the Jacket family now. I got my acceptance letter in the mail the other day and I am in. I am so overwhelmed about the program now and I think we are going all the way to the top.

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