January 5, 2010

Dixon addresses the rumors

Mike Leach and Texas Tech defeated Baylor 20-13 on November 28th, but over a month later the Red Raiders are still having a major impact on Baylor's season and the football program. Although he issued a statement last week stating that he was "proud to be a Baylor Bear," and remains "committed to making this program a source of pride for the Baylor family," he remains rumored as a possible candidate for the vacant Texas Tech head coaching position.

As a by product of those rumors, Baylor's top rated recruit Ahmad Dixon has begun to rethink his commitment in the event that Briles does leave his current position. With Dixon there's only one way to ensure he remains committed.

"For him to stick around. I have to know for sure," said Dixon. "People wouldn't sit here and say something is going to happen if they didn't have a reason to say it. People are saying that I've decommited because I've said I'm still taking other visits. Also, with them saying nationally that Coach Briles may be going to Texas Tech, he gave them some kind of leeway for them to think that."

A rumor started circulating Monday night that Dixon may have reopened his commitment, but the rivals100 safety told SicEmSports.com that those rumors weren't true and he hasn't officially made that decision.

"I know why the rumor might be floating around. That's due to Coach Briles and he may be taking the Texas Tech job," said Dixon. "That's why the rumors are flying around, and I'm letting people know that I'm still looking around and I'm still taking visits."

Through this process Dixon has formed a very close relationship with Baylor defensive coordinator Brian Norwood who he has said before is like another father figure to him. Dixon and Norwood spoke recently about the situation, and Norwood tried to assure him that there weren't going to be any changes.

"I talked to them and they've been saying that he's going to say, and back home in the newspaper they wrote a big news article saying he's going to stay, but the 'what if?' in the back of my head is what got me thinking," said Dixon. "They've been saying that they're going to buy out his contract and then he's gone. I don't want to go through a new head coach. It's hard enough going from high school to college, and I don't want to go through a new head coach as well. I really didn't want to go through that, but it is what it is."

"I've also talked to coach Briles and he said he's staying. I trust them, but you always have that thought in the back of your head," said Dixon.

As the Waco native mentioned he read about Briles' comments in the local paper, but it hasn't put him completely at ease.

"I just started thinking. I was like, what if he's not? I just started thinking a lot different," said Dixon. I was also thinking if they changed coaches, how would he change systems, and how would they use me differently in the system. My thoughts were roaming to be honest with you."

While Dixon has to just watch how things unfold in Waco and Lubbock, what he can control is his play in San Antonio this week at the US Army All America practices. He has been asked to move from his safety spot to corner to fill a need at the position and has had the challenging task of trying to stop a group of very talented West receivers in practice.

"It's been hard, and with me moving from safety to cornerback it's been real difficult. I'm getting the hang of it, and come Saturday I'm just going to try and do my best," said Dixon. "It's been great. I think it's an honor, a privilege, and a blessing. I'm looking at these guys, and I'm playing with the best football players in the nation and it's crazy. I'm learning a lot, and I'm trying to teach them something. It's been a great experience."

It also doesn't take long to find out who the class clown of the group is. When not on the field, Dixon always has his teammates laughing and goofing around.

"That's just me. Anywhere you go, if you ask anybody that knows me personally will always tell you that I'm always cracking jokes and laughing," said Dixon. "I look at it that life's too short to be all serious all the time. I know when to be serious, and when to not be serous. Out here the coaches don't mind us laughing and joking around, as long as we handle out business when they need us to."

The US Army All-America game takes place this Saturday at noon on NBC. Stay tuned to SicEmSports.com for all the latest updates with Ahmad Dixon and his recruitment.

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