April 18, 2010

McNutt works to continue to improve

One thing that Marvin McNutt knows is you can never be perfect, so he is constantly striving to improve in any way that he can as a wide receiver. This spring, McNutt took another step forward and could be poised for a big season in 2010. After the scrimmage on Saturday, he talked about his progress, the improvement he has seen from quarterback Ricky Stanzi, and getting a chance to play in front of his friends and family, including his little brother Mason.

Q: Obviously, Ricky's record as a quarterback is very good, but people still have some doubts with the pick sixes and the interceptions. Working with him this spring, what did you see as far as improvement?

McNutt: Actually, I can't remember many picks at all this spring. We see him working on the field and he puts in the extra effort. I think that's what being a leader is because when you do stuff like that, somebody else always sees it. As receivers, we've started to get out more and make sure we work every day to try to get something going. That's what we need as a unit is somebody to lead and Rick's definitely doing that.

Q: How would you describe how the other quarterbacks have done this spring?

McNutt: Obviously, Rick is the guy, but as you look at the other guys, they have really improved, I can tell you that. If Rick goes down, hopefully he doesn't, but if he does, we have guys back there that we can trust. Vandenberg is just as precise as Rick. With the leadership that all of these quarterbacks bring, it really helps us grow as an offense.

Q: Who is this with you?

McNutt: This is my little brother, Mason. He just turned 12 today.

Q: Is that kind of the fun of a day like this, getting your family here and everything?

McNutt: Yeah, when you get your family here, it's always good. It's an extra incentive too because you don't want your mom talking about you at the dinner table. But especially when you have a little brother like I do that loves just being a part of it, it's fun to show him what you've been working on.

Q: Getting in another spring at wide receiver, how do you feel you have improved?

McNutt: I feel like there's little things I can do like getting out of my stance and making sure I always come off the ball hard or making sure I get the right reads. There's always things you can work on because you're never going to be perfect in anything.

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