May 16, 2010

Bennett makes his choice

Ohio State has struck again within the state borders and picked up one of the biggest names in the state for the class of 2011. Centerville (Ohio) lineman Michael Bennett had his choice of schools from all across the nation but it ultimately came down to the Buckeyes and Northwestern Wildcats and the hometown team prevailed.

"I committed to Ohio State," Bennett said. "I called coach Tressel and just talked to him for a little bit and told him that I would like to commit and would be honored to go to his school."

Bennett checks in at 6-foot-3, 275-pounds and has been listed as a member of the 250 to watch for the class of 2011. After talking to the Ohio State coaches Bennett called the Northwestern coaches to break the news to them and said that they were very respectful of his choice.

The Buckeyes have done a solid job of locking up many of the top players from within the state and are still in contention or leading for several other top players. What ended up putting the Buckeyes over the top for Bennett in his decision making process?

"I talked with my family a lot about it and I felt that Ohio State could, not that Northwestern couldn't, get me to be a higher draft pick in the NFL," Bennett said.

There is still debate among experts as to which side of the ball might suit Bennett better but the Ohio State coaching staff and Bennett have come to a consensus on where he will end up playing.

"I made it pretty clear that I don't want to play offense in college and they understand that," Bennett said. "So I will definitely be on defense."

Bennett had never made any illusions that he wanted to drag the process on any longer than it needed to go and now it is done before Memorial Day. How does it feel being over and done with it?

"It is a relief and it feels good and now I know that I can just move on and focus on my senior season," Bennett said.

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