June 17, 2010

LeMay, father say lessons learned

Earlier this week, Pastor Stacy LeMay issued the following statement regarding his son Christian, whose recent hearing for an alleged incident before the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board could result in disciplinary action for the Georgia football commit.

Results of the hearing are not expected to be known until sometime next week.

On Thursday, Pastor LeMay declined to shed any light on the situation as it stands today, however along with Christian, did agree to answer questions from UGASports to regarding his life and goals once he arrives in Athens in 2011.

The following is the LeMay official statement released Monday evening:

"We would first like to thank so many of you who have shown your love, support and rendered prayers for our family at this time. The overwhelming outpouring of community affection has been tremendous. Christian is the oldest of our four children and as parents we could not have asked nor designed a more special young man then himself. He has for 17 years lead by example and done remarkably well with the responsibility. We truly believe that children are a joy and one of the most precious gifts we could ever receive from God.
"Yet sometimes, despite all the teachings and training there comes a time in every individual's life in which they are faced with choices. In a perfect world our children would always make right choices. However, reality says sometimes they may make a decision that is unwise and youthful in nature. Recently, Christian, in a momentary lapse in good judgment, yielded to an out-of-character decision that even he is not proud of. Like many of us, we are sure, he will look back on this time with regret as well as having gained a valuable learned experience.
"For seventeen years Christian has been a model child, exemplary student and a wonderful asset to his community. He has been giving, encouraging others, loving and honoring to all who know him. We are standing with our Son to provide love and support and to insure his successful progression from this point. We would also like to thank CMS for their student care and academic concern towards this matter. We trust that Christian will emerge stronger from this experience and regain the faith of all his supporters. We thank all of you for your continued prayers and believing for the best."

Q (For Pastor LeMay) - At what point in Christian's life could you tell that he was going to have a penchant for helping others, and what were some examples of what he would do as a young boy?
A - "Allowing his teammates to get water before he did even if he was first to arrive, Giving His Lunch to students who did not have any. Inviting His Siblings to sleepover in his room and choosing to sleep on the floor while giving them the bed."

Q (For Christian LeMay) - Besides obviously your father, were there any other role models in your life, men or women that you would look up to, and why?
A - "Reggie White, Tim Tebow, A.C. Green , Coach Tony Dungy, Coach Mark Richt. Coach Joe Gibbs, All Men of faith that although are not perfect in every area of their lives, are perfectly committed to their faith and excelled to the highest levels in their professions. Strong men of Spiritual and physical stature. True Champions! And of course my Mother is the classiest woman on earth bar none. She is tender and caring yet very capable."

Q (For Pastor LeMay) - What in your opinion will be some of the ways Christian will be able to use football as a vehicle to reach other people, and how might he best go about accomplishing this?
A - "Give God the Glory in every opportunity the light is shined on Him as he walks as a young man who is professing and productive on and off the field. To handle himself as a young man committed to maturing Character. Character is commonly known as what one does when no one is looking. However, strong Character is truly revealed by seeing what you do when "everyone is looking", to see how you will respond to adversity. Do you retreat to a cave or do you rise like a champion. How we respond to adversity is one of the greatest leadership examples we have opportunity to demonstrate."

Q (For Christian LeMay) - Talk about the kind of off-the-field impact you want to make once you get to Athens.
A - "Find a great Church where I can continue growing in my faith and get involved with organizations that are positively impacted change in the community among youth."

Q (For Christian LeMay) - Talk about the first time you met Mark Richt, your immediate opinion of him and why you two have seemed to click so well?
A - "I noticed that he is professing but passionate which is a quality I was looking for in a coach. One who loves God but is also passionate about winning."

Q (For Pastor LeMay) - Same question as the above. What about Coach Richt told you that this was the man you could trust to coach your son?
A - "When I walked into His office and perused his Shelf. I have always been convinced that you can tell the quality of the man by the quality of the books on his book shelf. One book that stood out was "Better Dad's Stronger Son's". I knew then this was the man designed to continue the mentoring process for my son."

Q (For Christian) - Taking football out of the equation, what kind of impact do you want to make on the Athens community once you arrive?
A - "One that will be spoken of for generations to come, that he was a "great" player but he was even a better young man. One that cared for others above himself. One who dashed for touchdowns but was most effective in the dash between the dates 2011-2015 changing lives by the way he lived."

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