June 21, 2010

Finally healthy, Davis ready for a big year

Senior right tackle Josh Davis can barely explain what it means being able to go into preseason healthy as opposed to what his situation was this time a year ago.

The Mississippi native was coming off surgery on both his shoulders, which he admits left him wondering he'd ever be the same again.

Fortunately for Davis, that wasn't the case.

Although it wasn't until Week 7 against Vanderbilt that that he finally got healthy enough for offensive line coach Stacy Searels to insert him back into the starting lineup at right tackle, a position he maintained for the rest of the season.

With summer workouts now underway, Davis feels like he's in the best shape of his Georgia career.

"I feel 10 times better than I did this time a year ago, honestly man," Davis said. "This time last year I was coming off the two shoulder surgeries and wasn't even able to touch a weight until camp, and even when I did they were just light lifts because I didn't want to reinjure my shoulders. My first real weight-lifting session wasn't until January, so yeah, it's good to finally feel healthy for a change."

He's also added about 15 pounds.

Davis said he played last year anywhere between 290 and 295 pounds, but in the months that have passed since Georgia's victory over Texas A&M in the Independence Bowl, he weighed in at 309 last week with hopes of getting up to 315 before preseason drills begin in August.

"I may go heavier because I know I'll lose some weight during the workouts," he said. "In the end I'll be where I want to be."

Like the rest of Georgia's offensive linemen, Davis is working out with his group three times a week.

That includes redshirt junior Trinton Sturdivant, who continues to rehab from his second torn ACL suffered in last year's season-opener at Oklahoma State.

Davis like what he's seen.

"Trinton looks good and is on schedule as far as coming back," Davis said. "He's looks real good. He's running well, he said he feels strong. He's doing everything he's supposed to do."

Recently, head coach Mark Richt said he expects Sturdivant to be ready to begin preseason drills in August. If that happens, it begs the following question: Will the former starting left tackle be able to regain his job, and if so, how will it affect the Bulldogs' offensive line?

Davis laughed he's just glad that's not his decision to make.

"The thought's crossed everybody's mind, but we really have no clue," Davis said. "That's why Coach Searels makes the big bucks. I'm just sure the best five will play every week; that's how we roll with it."

Whatever happens, Davis said Georgia's offensive line will be in good hands for the foreseeable future. He had good things to say about the trio of Dallas Lee, A.J. Harmon and Chris Burnette.

"Dallas had a good spring, and he's starting to believe he can do it. He's gotten a lot better and I think he could play if needed to," Davis said. "A.J. was doing well before he got hurt (ankle), but I was here with him in May and he's back. We'll see how he plays in fall camp, but he's worked hard."

Burnette has really made an impression.

"I can't say anything bad to say about Chris," Davis said. "He's another hard worker and I think Coach Searels really likes the way he works his butt off and goes about his business. It's not going to be long for any of those guys."

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