September 15, 2010

Florence visits UA and AU

As a safety for Valley High School last season, Erique Florence made a name for himself as one of the top defensive playmakers in the Southeast as well as more than a dozen scholarship offers. This season however, Florence is stepping up in a different role for the sake of his team.

"I'm the starting quarterback for my team this year," Florence said. "I'm not playing any safety. We have a really great young safety that can hold down that spot and my coaches really felt I could help the team best playing quarterback. I worry that I might get a little rusty after not playing safety this year but at the end of the day, football is football and it's all about making plays any way that you can. I'm keeping my skills sharp and I'm also learning a lot about quarterback tendencies which I think will help me as a safety in the long run. It will help me have a better understanding of what a quarterback is trying to do."

"So far I feel like we're having a pretty good season. We are 2-1 but I think we are getting better every week and our team unity is what's really going to get us through some tough games. We are like brothers and we're all committed to doing whatever we have to do to win state. I'm trying to show up to practice every day and give the team everything I've got and try to set an example for the younger guys."

In the meantime, colleges are continuing to recruit Florence as a safety and the 6-foot-2, 190-pound star has already made multiple college visits this fall.

"I've been to the Auburn vs. Arkansas State game, the Alabama vs. Penn State game and this weekend I'm going back to Auburn for the Clemson game. Both of the games I went to were great and they just really confirmed to me what I already thought about Auburn and Alabama."

"The thing I like about Auburn is their swagger, the way they carry themselves. They have a great attitude and confidence."

"When I think about Alabama, I think about defense. Everywhere you look on TV or on the internet, they are talking about Alabama's defense. They throw everything at you and it's really impossible to prepare for it all. They really control the way the game is played."

While both in-state schools have made strong impressions so far, Florence isn't ready to limit his recruitment to a two-team race.

"It's going to be a while before I'm ready to make a decision. I know I still want to visit USC, Clemson and LSU and probably some others too. Some people assume that it's either Alabama or Auburn for me but I have a lot I still want to see and learn about and I'm really not ready to rule anybody out yet."

Florence is rated the nation's No. 3 safety prospect and the No. 72 overall prospect in the nation.

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