October 26, 2010

Reeves has awesome official

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McDonough (Ga.) Eagle's Landing Christian tight end Christian Reeves was one of two official visitors in Blacksburg on Saturday. The 6-foot-3, 214-pounder enjoyed his time for his first Virginia Tech game in-person.

"It was good, all went well," he stated. "It was my first game day experience there, the first game I've been to at Virginia Tech, that was exciting.

"I got in Saturday morning. We drove all night after my game on Friday. I first went to check out the locker rooms and facilities. When I went to the locker room and player's lounge, what jumped out was that it's the nicest I've ever seen. They were immaculate."

Following his time inside Reeves headed out for the noon kickoff.

"My coach told me a lot that there is no other game day experience like it, everyone talks it up and it was pretty much unrivaled," he said. "You always hear about the game day experience and the entrance, it was definitely something pretty awesome.

"You know, I thought the fans in particular were really devoted and they seemed electric. It's kind of a different atmosphere from everywhere else I've been."

While Tech obviously doesn't use an H-back exactly, Reeves took quite a bit out of the game.

"Coach Beamer told me on Sunday it depends on how I develop, but I can be a mismatch, an H-back type of player and I have the skill set to be a receiver," he said. "From the game, I noticed that they spread it out a little more to four wide sets. Andre Smith was split out and they did that quite a few times. They were able to throw the ball well and air it the past two games especially."

After the game, Reeves went to dinner with his recruiter, Torrian Gray and then hung out with his host Matt Arkema.

"He was pretty helpful, he told me what to expect and I definitely got to see from a player's perspective what to expect from freshman year, what it's like and to be on campus going through everything every day. I also hung out with James Farrow who was on his official too."

Before heading out Sunday, Reeves got more time with the coaches.

"I got to meet with Coach Gray again, he has been great. He's been in contact a lot, and we talk every week. He's been around and I also got time with Coach Stinespring," he said. "Then, I talked to Coach Beamer for awhile again. He just told me what they are expecting and everything. He said he's excited to have me."

The regular season is wrapping up for Reeves with two weeks to go, what is his take on the season to date.

"This is the best team I have ever played on before," he said. "This group of guys has really meshed together and obviously we have a lot of talent, three Division I signees and some underclassmen that are really good. We have kind of put it all together. Our defense has played out of their minds and is giving up three-points per game. We've had six shutouts and our offense is one of the top offenses in the state, we're No. 1 in point differential.

"We have a game this week we should take care of business and then we will play an undefeated team in week 10, one of the top ranked teams in the state before seating's are set."

Brian Mohr has covered recruiting in the mid-Atlantic since 2004 and has covered Virginia Tech since 2006 for Hokiehaven.com. To contact Brian, please email him at [email protected] for questions, comments or tips, which are always welcome and appreciated

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