December 8, 2010

Mouhon ready to start taking visits

Silverberry Mouhon out of Norcross High School in Georgia has had Syracuse near the top of his last for a few months now. The Orange used to be accompanied by Florida State, but that has changed and Cincinnati has moved up.

"Florida State had not offered me, so I started talking to Syracuse and Cincinnati more. Those are two schools that really have my interest right now. I think it is going to boil down to those two."

Mouhon, 6-foot-3, 220 pounds did not hear much from Cincinnati until his season started, but they have stayed on him and his interest has grown.

"I started talking with Cincinnati in mid September and they told me about their program and we have stayed on contact since then. I think those are the two schools that I really talk to and I am really serious about committing to one of those schools. I have connected to Syracuse and Cincinnati so well, that is probably why they are my top two."

The Peach State product also talked about what he first thinks of when he is asked about the schools.

Syracuse: "I like how they pass rush on defense and how they go after the ball. I am really looking forward to seeing the campus and meeting the players I would be playing with, and the coaches."

Cincinnati:"I like their campus a lot and from the looks of things their players are real close and they are all focused on the same thing. I am going to be looking forward to my visit over there as well."

Both of Mouhon's final two schools will receive visit from him starting this week.

"I head up to Syracuse January 14th and Cincinnati is this weekend."

After he takes his final visit to Syracuse there will not be a long wait from then to the time he makes his decision.

"I was thinking that I should commit at the end of January after my visit to Syracuse. I want to compare the two schools and that is probably when I will be making my decision."

With the recruiting season coming to close this past football season has already come to a close for Mouhon who had a solid season.

"We made it to the second round of the playoffs. Our season was solid we finished off at 9-3. I finished with 11 sacks and 80 tackles."

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