July 6, 2011

Preseason position breakdown; gunslingers first

Sonny Dykes and Tony Franklin came to Ruston with a playbook for a "high octane" offense. The fans expected immediate results from this offense and that just does not happen when installing such a different offense than the previous staff.

There was a quarterback carousel of sorts early in the 2010 between Ross Jenkins, Colby Cameron and Tarik Hakmi. Without a consistent quarterback at the helm, it was difficult for the offense to find a groove.

Once Jenkins had settled into the starting role however the Tech offense looked much better than with either Cameron or Hakmi behind center.

Now, Jenkins is gone and Cameron and Hakmi are still on the roster. Redshirt freshman Taylor Burch has a spring under his belt and really looked like the second best quarterback during the spring behind Cameron. Cameron was by far the best quarterback after the spring. During the spring, Tech added a junior college transfer quarterback, Zach Griffith to the mix. After starting out hot, Griffith injured his arm and struggled towards the end of the spring. Hakmi also was nursing an injury and struggled during the spring.

The "T-Day" Spring Game was less than stellar for the Tech offense and left fans weary about the upcoming season.

Both Hakmi and Griffith had surgery after the spring to fix their injuries and have been sitting out of the voluntary scrimmages this summer. In the one scrimmage we saw last week, Cameron did okay but still has work to do. Burch only saw action during the 7-on-7 portion and once the offensive and defensive linemen came out he went and did one-on-one work with some receivers.

Most of the incoming freshman class begin working out Monday with the team and incoming 3-star quarterback Nick Isham will begin throwing during the voluntary work-outs then. We will be there to see how Isham does.

It will be interesting to see how Isham does. Can he come in and impress enough that he can take over the starting job currently owned by Cameron? Some seem to think so. Will Burch be given a chance along with Cameron and Isham? Join in the discussion on our message boards.

As things are now, it appears something bad will have to happen in order for Hakmi or Griffith to get a chance to start over Cameron, Burch, or Isham this season. All three of these quarterbacks have their strengths and weaknesses here is a summary of those strengths and weaknesses.

Name Strengths Weaknesses
Colby Cameron Athleticism
Accuracy in short yardage
Holds on to the ball too long
Stares down receivers
Arm strength
Taylor Burch Strong arm Experience
Nick Isham* Accuracy

* - strengths and weaknesses for Isham coming out of high school

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