September 18, 2011

Game analysis - Houston; position by position grades

RUSTON, La. - Louisiana Tech started off furiously against Houston building a 34-7 lead and holding Case Keenum to under 100 yards passing in the first half.

In the second half, Tech was without Lennon Creer and eventually without Quinton Patton.

Keenum got rolling in the second half and finished the game with over 300 yards passing.

The most confusing aspect of the game came in the fourth quarter when Tech was not using the entire play clock while nursing a lead that was disappearing.


Nick Isham played very well through 3.5 quarters. His interception in the fourth quarter was a big one as Tech was driving. Grade - B

Running backs

Lennon Creer got banged up with a few minutes left in the second quarter but returned late in the third and finished with 99 yards. Ray Holley played extremely well in Creer absence until his fumble in the fourth that really turned the tides in the game. Lyle Fitter also played well in Creer's absence. Grade - C


Quinton Patton was unable to get open deep and get the big plays he had in the Central Arkansas game but still finished with 82 yards. Patton currently ranks fifth in the country in receiving yards per game. Taulib Ikharo had a very good game as he shows the Southern Miss game was a fluke and has had the surest hands ever since. Grade - A

Offensive line

The offensive line as a whole played its best game of the season. They ave up two sacks but only one can be attributed to them. Isham scrambled out of the pocket on a play and did not feel the defender coming behind him on the other. They also did a good job run blocking most of the game.Grade - B+

Defensive line

During the first half, Keenum was running for his life. The Houston offensive line either made an adjustment or just figured out what they were doing wrong to allow all the pressure for the second half. The Tech defensive line was able to control the Houston running game for the most part. Grade - B


Tech's linebackers played well as they have most of the season. Houston was able to capitalize on a couple of mismatches in pass coverage in this group however. Grade - B


During the first half, the Tech secondary was able to keep Keenum at bay with the help of great pressure up front. In the second half, this group was abused by over 200 yards in one half. They did finish with two interceptions. Grade - C

Special Teams

Tech's special teams continue to be the most consistent unit on the team. Ryan Allen averaged 47 yards a punt. Matt Nelson had field goals from 47 and 30 yards out. This group also had a fake field goal that resulted in a first down with a pass from Taylor Burch to Matt Broha. Grade - A

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