September 26, 2011

Monday Morning Quarterback

Monday Morning QB
Clemson 38 Auburn 24's Monday Morning Quarterback will be out each Monday during the season. This week, several former Auburn players give their thoughts and opinions on the Tigers' win over FAU.


Former Auburn quarterback Ben Leard:
On the game…
"It was a win. It wasn't necessarily pretty. When you beat Florida Atlantic 30-14, are up 10-6 at the half, it's not nowhere near the expectation that I'm sure the players had, the coaches had, and certainly not what the spectators had. When a team comes in averaging less than three points per ball game and puts 14 points on the board, that's a sizable improvement on their part.

"Right out of the game, Barrett Trotter throws the interception. It looked like he was trying to make something out of nothing, and that is what it turned out being: the worst possible scenario it could be. That probably swayed a little momentum in Florida Atlantic's favor, but fortunately Auburn was able to hold them to a field goal and come back and score.

"While it was a win, it was a win against Florida Atlantic. I don't draw a whole lot from it, good or bad, heading into South Carolina. It was a lose-lose situation for Auburn. If you win big, you were supposed to. If it was a more competitive game, which to me it was, that leaves you with tons of question marks. I think that might be the case for the Tigers right now."

On Trotter's performance (16-of-28, 178 yards, TD, INT, 7 carries, 25 yards)…
"Other than the first play, I thought Barrett played fine. There were some instances that he lacked consistency. He did make some plays with his legs that I was thrilled to see. I'm sure people aren't accustomed to seeing an Auburn quarterback that wears No. 14 making plays with his legs, but he made some scrambles. And what that is going to do is pay dividends on down the line. While he may not run one for 60, he can at least get a first down on a third-and-five. The threat he poses to tuck the ball and run will help him tremendously as the season progresses....

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