June 24, 2012

Calif. DE/TE has Army offer

Austin Kurke is a two-way player who hails out of El Seghundo (Calif.), where defensive end and tight end are his primary positions.

Needless to say, the 6-foot-4, 225 pounder has offer from several schools that projecting him at either one or the other.

"I have offers from Army, Navy, Air Force and Utah who appear to recruiting me as a defensive end and ASU is looking at me as a tight-end," shares Kurke, who indicated that the Black Knights of Army have been consistently recruiting him.

"I heard from Coach Saadat (Payam) a couple of weeks ago and we exchange emails ... things are going well there. My interest in Army is pretty high. I really like what West Point represents and the fact that I love paintball and shooting, is another reason."

Kurke is maintains a 3.4 GPA, has taken Pre-Calculus honors classes and according to the California native, he is scheduled to take three AP's next year.

So, where does Kurke see himself playing at the next level? "Quite honestly I like both," he adds. "Defensive, it's the contact where you don't really have any rules, but just go after the ball. On offense ... tight end you get to run the routes and pull down touchdowns."

Although wondering which side of the ball he will end up may not be settled for some time, there are a few things that Kurke is sure about when it comes to knowing what he is looking for in college. "I'm looking for .... number one is the school," he says. "Like how are the students there, how is the academics, and how is the football program. Also, the team and how all the coaches work together and the area itself. I don't care about location, because I want to see the world anyway."

"I want to make sure that I visit the school, before I decide, to know what I'm getting myself into. I visited Cal once and it's a really nice place, but I don't have an offer yet. However, I feel they will offered me. I talk to them via Facebook all the time."

Last season El Segundo won their league title, even with a 6-5, but they lost in the first round in CIF.

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