September 4, 2012

'It's nobody's business'

The way defensive coordinator Todd Grantham sees it, it's the business of nobody as to whether or not suspended players like Bacarri Rambo or Alec Ogletree play in Saturday night's game at Missouri (7:45 p.m., ESPN2).

Especially, he said, when it comes to opposing teams.

"Here's what I think. I don't know why you'd tell anybody because it's not a league rule," Grantham said after practice Tuesday. "Unless everybody is going to disclose all their information, why would you talk about your team in that regard, because to me, you don't talk about things like that."

That wasn't the case in the NFL.

"Where I come from in the NFL, it was a league rule so everybody talked about it and everybody did the same thing, so I was cool with that," Grantham said. "But if everybody is not going to talk about it and play on the same page, then I don't think you need to say a thing."

That includes questions about their playing time from curious media.

When asked about the fact that Rambo and Ogletree are listed on the first-team depth chart, Grantham smiled before giving his response.

"Yeah, they are. They're first on the depth chart," he said. "I like that."

So will they play?

"I don't know, you'll have to ask Coach (Mark) Richt," he said.

If left up to Grantham, releasing info about injuries would also be a no-no.

"Until it's a league rule, and you have to say something, until everybody plays on the same page I think you do as least as you can," Grantham said. "That's how I feel."

Gurley learning quick

After Saturday's big showing in Georgia's win over Buffalo, Todd Gurley is quickly learning how glaring life in the spotlight can be.

But just because he accounted for 227 total yards and three touchdowns in the Bulldogs' 45-23 win, that doesn't mean he's above a little stern reminder from coaches and teams when it comes to holding onto the ball.

During his third touchdown - a 55-yard run - Gurley appeared to let go of the ball before crossing the goal line, something he was quickly reminded of after the play.

"It was questionable, but coaches talked to me about it, hold on to it a little longer," Gurley said after practice Tuesday. "It was a mistake by me. Next time I'll hold onto to it a little longer."

Gurley said he thought he had already crossed the goal line.

"I thought so, but a couple of players came up to me and said I might have let that go a little early," he said.

Fortunately for Gurley and the Bulldogs, the officials thought otherwise and the play was never questioned, capping off an afternoon the Tarboro, N.C. said he never dreamed would happen so early in his career - eight carries for 100 yards and two touchdowns, sandwiched around a 100-yard kickoff return.

"I didn't think I would have a game like that, but thankful I did," he said. "I just give credit for the guys blocking for me on the line and the people who were blocking for me on the return."

Gurley said he had between 60 and 70 text messages waiting on his phone once he returned him.

"Some of them I didn't know," he said. "But I still sent "Thank you" back."

Richt almost coached Mizzou

Mark Richt, head coach of the Missouri Tigers

It's something the school apparently once considered.

During Tuesday's press conference, Richt talked about his days prior to coming to Georgia in Dec. of 2000, including some other job opportunities that were about to come his way.

Virginia and Missouri were two schools who approached Richt - the former long-time offensive assistant at Florida State - for interviews.

"I'm trying to remember exactly how it happened, but everything did happen quickly. It wasn't like they said they didn't want me in the interview (at Missouri), I had the interview and then they wanted to continue to interview," Richt said. "I enjoyed the conversation, and I had the other interviews going on, too."

The Tigers eventually settled on current coach Gary Pinkel, although had Missouri been more interested, Richt said he would have certainly considered the move.

"Katharyn (Richt) and I heard that it was a great town for family, and everything we heard about it was positive," Richt said. "There were a lot of things simmering in my life as far as job opportunities, but Missouri was one that we thought might be a special place to be."

Searels offers some advice

So, what will it be like for his offense from a noise perspective Saturday night at Missouri's Faurot Field? Offensive coordinator Mike Bobo wanted to find out.

To do that, he called good friend and former Bulldog assistant Stacy Searels, currently the offensive line coach with Texas.

"They played them last year at their place," Bobo said. "I know they're extremely excited about playing, and being a night game I expect it to be no different than any other SEC road game. It will be hostile. We've just got to worry about going in and control what we can control."

As usual, Bobo said the offense will take certain steps to ensure the noise does not become a problem.

"We'll audible, there will be more hand signals and we'll work on the crowd noise on Thursday (at Sanford Stadium)," Bobo said. "We've just got to be sharp on your communication; everybody's got to communicate down the line. One guy is not going to be the main guy; each guy has to pass it on. It's verbal and you've got to have your eyes in the right spot."

Missouri beat Texas last year 17-5.

"(Searels) credited their front," Bobo said. "He felt their front was very athletic, said they could move around and No. 34 (Sheldon Richardson) made a lot of plays."

Malcome working with special splint

Running backs coach Bryan McClendon said Ken Malcome will play Saturday with his injured left hand, but the redshirt sophomore still has to work to hold onto the ball.

"Ken's been better. He's done a pretty good job," McClendon said. "Obviously with the one hand it does put a limitation on how he can carry it, just able to carry it in that one hand. He can hold it (in his injured left hand), just how effective it will be."

But at least he's playing.

When the injured first occurred, McClendon said he feared it would cost Malcome and undetermined amount of games.

You never want to lose a guy - period, for any period of time," McClendon said. "But obviously playing this position in this league and how we play them, you've got guys who are going to be nicked up. We were really glad to hear it was not serious."

This and that

Wide receiver Marlon Brown (hamstring) returned to practice Tuesday. … Cornerback Malcolm Mitchell wore a green non-contact jersey, but did get some light work in. … Offensive linemen John Theus and Watts Dantzler did not practice, remaining with trainers to continue getting treatment on their respective sprained ankles.