October 8, 2012

Doege shrugs at critics

Seth Doege arrived in the football training facility at 11 a.m. to spend about an hour defending himself from the criticism, some fair and some extremely unfair, he has received since Saturday.

But first, lunch.

Every Monday, Texas Tech hosts a media luncheon as a courtesy for the local media. Media members love it because it's a free lunch and the football staff likes it because they can kill most of their media requests with one stone.

Doege has always talked at these media luncheons. He and head coach Tommy Tuberville are more in demand than anyone else.

Tuberville is 58 years old and has been around the block a few times. Doege is a 23-year-old graduate student who is the most popular or least popular athlete at Tech depending on the outcome of the last game.

At the luncheon, the media members take up a full round table and about half of another round table and the Tech delegation congregate around another table. It's not a written rule, but you usually sit around the people you're most comfortable around.

So Doege made himself a plate of chicken fried steak and some sides like everyone else. The problem was the rest of his delegation had not yet arrived so he sat at a table alone rather than with the media members already there.

A few media members behind Doege in the lunch line took seats around Doege for whatever their reasons might have been.

Doege hunched over his plate and someone had to break the ice. A public lunch in silence just isn't fun and here was a man who felt a lonely feeling you haven't felt since the fishbowl that high school was.

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