December 14, 2012

State Champs: Williams & Terry get it done

On Friday night fellow Michigan State commitments Damion Terry and Delton Williams help lead Eric Cathedral Prep High School to the Pennsylvania Class AAA State Championship by defeating Archbishop Wood High School by a score of 24-14. has analysis of the two future Spartans.

First Impressions:

The one thing that you can be said about Terry and Williams is they pass the eyeball test. Often recruits size is somewhat inflated, but that is not the case here. Terry and Williams are very bit the size listed and it was obvious to see even when they were just warming up. Even to an untrained eye you could see that the two future Spartans were physically the most impressive players on the field.

Damion Terry: was well aware that Terry has a strong arm, what we were looking for is some of the more subtle quarterback traits. The two things we came away most impressed with is Terry's calm demeanor in the pocket and his touch on the deep ball.

Archbishop Wood dialed up numerous types of pass rush schemes to try and pressure and confuse Terry, but to no avail. Terry does not get happy feet and he does not try and force passes. That is a main reason why his TD to INT ratio was over 5 to 1.

Terry was able to complete several long completions on the night and more often than not he put the ball right on the money with excellent touch. You often hear people talk about quarterbacks throwing a "catchable ball". The is definitely they case with Terry on his deep passes.

Terry will still need to work on his release a little, but that is understandable considering he has long arms and can get away with winding up a bit. Drew Stanton had the same type of delivery which was probably somewhat due to his baseball prowess.

Delton Williams

Williams is a versatile player and he made some nice plays on both sides of the ball, but defense is where we see him making the biggest impact. Not only does it fit his overall skill set, but it also fits his personality.

Williams is a natural leader. On the field he was constantly communicating defensive signals and talking with his teammates. Even when a teammate made a mistake, Williams was the first one over there encouraging them and providing constructive criticism in a manner.

Williams had several nice plays of defense. He thwarted a half-back pass by staying home and knock the pass way. He made several tackles which prevented Archbishop Wood from turning 8-yard runs into 40-yard runs.

The best way to describe Williams is what he was doing after the game. Williams was taking the championship trophy around to all his fellow seniors and making sure they got a chance to hold the trophy and get pictures with it. The fact that he was more concerned about his teammates than himself is indicative of why he is well respected.

Must be noted:

I have been to a lot of high school football games, but I am not sure I have ever seen a high school student body as vocal, creative and passionate as Erie Cathedral Prep. Imagine the Izzone dressed orange. "Dressed" is a bit of a overstatement as many of the boys had no shirts and were dressed in shorts. ECP students have set the bar high as far as high school fans.

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