February 1, 2013

Coach: FSU has 'excellent' chance to land Kirkland

On Thursday, news came that the Miami Hurricanes were moving on from offensive lineman Miami Washington Denver Kirkland by pulling his scholarship just days before signing day. But one of his other finalists is still very much in the mix according to head coach Tim Harris. One of those teams is Florida State.

"I think they (FSU) have an excellent chance to be able to get him with them probably being in his top three. I think all the coaches do a great job," Harris said. "All the teams have, but now after going through what we did yesterday, I'm wanting to know do these scholarships go all the way to signing day or does the offer have a deadline so at least the family, kids would know.

Kirkland is also between other teams including Ole Miss, Arkansas and South Florida.
So where do things stand with his teammate, five-star Matthew Thomas, who hinted that he may attend the same school as Kirkland. Is this still the plan?

"I haven't talked to him yet, but I try to talk with him. He's coming by the school to get a workout in. I know he heard about it and Miami was at his house last night doing the home visit, so I would think that came up," added Harris.

The ups and downs of recruiting are enough to pull your hair out, but for Harris it was even more difficult when the Miami alum found out his star lineman no longer had an offer from the Hurricanes.

"I guess Miami has to do whatever business they feel is right to do for their team and a lot of times kids get caught on the other end - kids not moving fast enough, but not knowing they have to move fast enough," he said."Thinking that they have until signing day to decide ,but sometimes that's not the case."
Harris says it wasn't about communication between Miami and Washington, but simply a breakdown of when the decision needed to be made. The news just came out of nowhere.

"The communication wasn't really a problem until we were told he (Kirkland) was off the board. We thought everything was good. Even when Coach Golden visited the school and talked with the kids, everything was good," Harris said. "Then when they came back (this week) that was when things changed and caught us off guard."

According to Harris, the Miami staff told him that they were just going in another direction and that possibly the Hurricanes felt good about other prospects.

"It was explained in terms of that was the direction they were going in and at the point - they got some guys that committed that they were waiting on and those guys came through," he said. "So then I guess they felt that this was a viable one to move on from. I don't know if they felt the indication they were getting that they have a chance to get Denver."

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