July 15, 2013

Wynn breaks it down

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Lakewood (St. Petersburg, Fla.) offensive lineman Isaiah Wynn became Georgia's 15th commitment on Sunday, and it was a huge addition for the current class.

Wynn has been one of the most impressive linemen in the country on the camp circuit this summer and became one of UGA's top targets once he was offered in the spring.

Things moved quickly with the Rivals100 talent, but on Sunday night, Wynn spoke with UGASports about his commitment and the events that led up to his decision.

UGASports: "What made you commit to Georgia after just your second visit?"

Wynn: "Mainly just because I felt like Georgia is the place where I can develop not just as a player but also physically and academically. Just the whole idea that I had a great feeling of Georgia was a big factor."

UGASports: "You talked a lot about UGA after your first visit there. Can you tell us how much of an impact that first visit made?"

Wynn: "It made a big impact because at the time, before I took that visit, I didn't really know if Georgia was really looking at me like that. Just that visit reassured me that they really wanted me and after that I was looking forward to taking my second visit and meeting the coaches.

UGASports: "What UGA coach made the most impact on your recruitment?"

Wynn: [laughs] "I would have to go with Coach (Mark) Richt because just being able to sit down and talk to him was great. We didn't just talk to him, but he was talking to me and my family and asking us questions. Just interacting with him just reassured me that they want me there and they don't only want me there, but they need me there. That was good."

UGASports: "What did your family think about Georgia?"

Wynn: "The first night that we got to Georgia and talked it over, on Friday night, my mom, my step-dad, my sister, and my brother were all just really excited to see how great of a place Georgia is. All of us had heard about how great it was, but it was something we had to see for ourselves. Being able to see the campus and see how beautiful it is and meeting the coaching staff, they were down for whatever I was down for at that point."

UGASports: "What guys got in your ear about committing to Georgia?"

Wynn: "There wasn't a lot that was said but any of the Georgia commitments, but Sony (Michel), I roomed with him at the Rivals Five-Star Challenge so of course we got to talk about Georgia a lot. We also talked a lot on Saturday night. Also, Kendall (Gant) we talked a lot about it. Those were the two main recruits that you could say were in my ear."

UGASports: "You are one of three offensive linemen in this class, do you know Dyshon Sims and Jake Edwards at all?"

Wynn: [laughs] "Actually I did get to know those guys. Dyshon told me Friday night, "Hey, I just committed. You need to go ahead and commit, too. I know Jake got my number a week before I was coming up there and we were just talking about Georgia. He was telling me what a great place it is and how we need to hang out there. So I have gotten a chance to know them and that is good, too."

UGASports: "You are in a talent-rich state in Florida, do you plan on recruiting some guys like other guys recruited you?"

Wynn: [laughs] "That is my whole plan. I plan on making our recruiting class the No. 1 class. The bigger the better."

UGASports: "Georgia has two Rivals100 running backs in Sony Michel and Nick Chubb committed. Did that help Georgia at all that they have two really good backs in this class for you to block for at the next level?"

Wynn: "Yes it does. The offensive line, as a unit, is going to make the running backs look good and the running backs are going to make us look good. It is always a good deal with us as offensive linemen being able to block for running backs with the ability that those guys have."

UGASports: "You are a smiley, funny, happy-go-lucky type of guy off the field, but it seems like you flip a switch when it is time to compete. Talk to me about what goes through your head when you are going from just another guy to a football player.

Wynn: [laughs] "Honestly, I don't know how I do it, but I see myself and that guy I am going against. We may be friends before or may have just talked the previous play, but we are competing for a reason. I'm just going to try to come up on top every time. After the time we will go back to being friends again, but during the play, I'm going to compete."

UGASports: "Can you tell us about your recruitment? How solid are you? Is your recruitment over?"

Wynn: [laughs] "I'll just tell you that Georgia is the place for me and I will be signing that Letter of Intent to Georgia on Signing Day."

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