October 14, 2013

Behind enemy lines - The Clemson perspective

1. Is this the biggest FSU-Clemson game in the history of the series? Explain.

Yes, absolutely. The only serious contender is the 1988 Puntrooskie game, and some of the luster was taken off that game when the Seminoles went to Miami and got crushed on Labor Day night.

Sometimes the true magnitude of a game is clearest only with the luxury of hindsight. If the Tigers and Seminoles go on to lose two games apiece this year and don't sniff the BCS title game, the game won't be celebrated all that much. But going in, this looks like not only the biggest Clemson-FSU game but the biggest Clemson home game ever.

A big part of it is the fact that TV does such a splendid job of showcasing its elite matchups nowadays. ESPN/ABC gets criticized for a lot, but we have to give the folks in Bristol loads of credit for chronicling these sorts of games and giving them the appropriate big-stage treatment by telling great stories and providing all the camera angles. The Georgia opener was presented in spectacular fashion, and this one could exceed that.

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