May 30, 2006

Recruiting concerns in Jersey?

What happened to Boston College and the state of New Jersey when it comes to football recruiting?

Remember just a few years ago when BC had more than 20 players from the Garden State on their roster and BC coaches were able to sell that to potential recruits from Jersey?

Have those days passed the Eagles by?

The answer is no so easy. The Eagles still continue to recruit the state of New Jersey heavily and assistant coaches Bill McGovern and Keith Willis do an excellent job according to the numerous players interviewed. Both coaches are well respected by high school coaches in the region and BC's reputation amongst schools is very high. But why are there only six current Eagles who hail from the state and why have the last couple of years been so tough? Those are hard questions to answer.

One would think that the commitment of linebacker Brian Toal, a New Jersey high school football legend if there ever was one, would create a windfall of Jersey commitments over the next few years. However, that hasn't happened. Why? There are a few factors (or excuses if you're a cynic)...

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