July 26, 2006

Around the tables: KU football thoughts

Mark Mangino brought Derek Fine, David Ochoa, and James McClinton to the Big 12 media days. Everybody had something interesting to say and some more than others.

Usually McClinton faces double-teams from offensive linemen, but had more than that coming from reporters. He was the player with the most media around him and all of them had some interesting things to say.

Here are some quick hitters we caught moving from table to table:

McClinton said the team has a swagger to it. When asked specifically he said one player that stands out is Aqib Talib. He said Talib plays a lot of confidence and has to.

"When you're out on an island like he is you have to be confident," McClinton said.

In one-on-one drills when linemen from both sides go up against each other McClinton was asked who the toughest was.

"I would say Jake Cox," McClinton said. "He's a big strong guy who is real nasty. He can squat a house."

McClinton said the team got fired up to play to Houston in the bowl game last year and said they were talking a lot of trash.

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