August 3, 2006

Starting All Over

There aren't many days when you lay down and think, 'I'll never forget where I was on this day' but the day that a possible national championship caliber team is decimated just 24 hours prior to it's first practice of the season is just that type of day.

That may seem a bit melodramatic and of course stranger things have happened than a talented group of Sooners reaching great heights in spite of an inexperienced quarterback. However, Sooner fans can't help but wonder what type of effect this could have on not only this season but the future of Oklahoma football under head coach Bob Stoops.

With two quarterbacks already on campus, and perhaps three once Paul Thompson is inevitably moved back from the receiver position the Sooners have a great need for quarterbacks in the coming years.

As they say, don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today and the Sooners have plenty to do 'tomorrow' in the world of recruiting. Assuming the Sooners were to wait until the class of 2008 to take a quarterback by the time that player was done with his redshirt season incoming freshman Sam Bradford could quite possibly be entering his senior year as a Sooner.

If that doesn't put things into perspective, simply think of TCU last year and the cold water should be set on a repeat cycle.

So what can the Sooners do in the class of 2007?

Well almost undoubtedly they'll start at the top, and while some will say it's a foregone conclusion that players like John Brantley, Ryan Mallett, Peter Lalich, and Jarrett Lee will stick with their current commitments not a single player amongst them figures to walk into a more likely starting role than the one that could arguably await them in 2006 should Thompson take the starting job as some believe he will.

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