August 19, 2006

Q&A with Mikey Henderson

With the race tightening up for the starting flanker spot, UGASports caught
up with junior wide receiver Mikey Henderson to hear about the race
and his transition from defensive back to wide receiver.

UGASports: Are you pushing Kenneth Harris for his starting

Henderson: "I am just trying to do what I am told and
if it happens and if I get a starting job that will be good. If I end up playing
behind Kenneth at flanker and can play a little bit that will be fine with me.
Ever since I came here, I have just been a team player so it does not really
matter to me where I play or how many snaps I get. If I am contributing to the
team then I am fine."

UGASports: How comfortable do you feel playing receiver?

Henderson: "I feel comfortable, but in the spring I did
wonder if I could do it. I had not caught the ball or run routes on the college
level, so now I feel a lot more comfortable. Once I got back into it I got into
a rhythm and having all spring and summer drills, and fall camp I am a lot more

UGASports: How is your leg doing?

Henderson: "My right hamstring is sore after running
day after day, so it took its toll on me and after a couple of days I was limited
on what I could do like the pass skeleton and 11 on 11. We had a day off after
school started and now I think I am back at full speed."

UGASports: How do think that will affect your playing time?

Henderson: "I have to do what I have to do to earn some
playing time. I have to work everyday and show the coaches I can play. I do
not just want to sit on bench and spell guys I want to earn some playing time."

UGASports: What do you see from the other wide receivers given
your background at corner?

Henderson: "Kenneth is obviously a big guy out there
because he is our biggest and most physical receiver. Michael Moore hurt his
knee, but he has been looking great out there running as an inside receiver.
Raley has everything honed down and he is ready to play. A.J. Bryant looks real
good coming off that shoulder surgery where he did not go in spring and he looks
great. We are all just trying to keep it going and show that we can all play.
Guys like Demiko Goodman and A.J. are coming off injuries so they are showing
they can still play after sitting out the beginning of the year."

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