September 1, 2006

Post-game Quotes: Burgess, Ware and Torain

Junior receiver Rudy Burgess, senior safety Derron Ware and junior running back Ryan Torain all had impressive performances for the Sun Devils in Thursday's season-opening win over the Lumberjacks. Here is a complete look at what each of them had to say when they addressed the media following the game.

Rudy Burgess:

Was he surprised to be the only wide receiver to catch a ball?

Yeah a little bit because you know our offense is used to spreading the ball out and getting it to multiple receivers. I didn't even notice I was catching the ball so many times and I was the only receiver we were throwing to but I was able to get open against the defenders and they weren't really ready for what we were throwing at them."

His thoughts on the NAU style of play:

"They just were doing a lot of unorthodox stuff moving around and shifting and we weren't able to keep up with it for a while and that's when Coach Koetter came up and said we have to go no huddle to try to catch them on their toes."

"I wouldn't say we feel satisfied but it is a learning experience that we can use later on in the season. Going into halftime our team didn't play very well but we just gotta be able to come out strong and not fold in the second half. Coach Koetter told us to win the game in the fourth quarter and that's pretty much what we did in the second half."

On the no huddle offense, which ASU went into as a proactive measure to stop defensive movement pre-snap:

"We practice it every practice. That's something we start out practice doing just in case there are times or situations where we need to do it like [in this game]."

Derron Ware:

"It was very important to set the tone. That's what Coach Miller talked to us about before we walked out. He said we might be up first so let's set the tone for us in the game and we're going to run, we're going to blitz out them the first play and try to get a sack and it worked out that way."

On halftime changes:

"I think we just came out with a different attitude. We said the score was 0-0 and let's come out like a second-half team, play the last two quarters hard and just separate from them."

On game-plan being well-suited for him:

"The game this week was designed - we had a lot of blitz calls where I could get a free rush and I had a two-way go on the lineman and I could just use my speed to get past him and try to get some sacks."

Ryan Torain:

On this being his first Division I game

"Yeah you know it's a good feeling. I got out there looking at the stands and it's just kind of overwhelming, but you just got to go out there and have fun, 'ball out. I liked it a lot."

On the success of the screen passes:

"It was working great. Coach Koetter called it and it was open so we just took what they gave us and went downfield with it."

On the second series of the game when ASU ran four times and came up short at the goalline:

It was disappointing but you can't let it get you down. The defense was moving a lot and we couldn't get our calls picked up."

On the team's talented running backs group

"We're deep and you gotta play your role. It's great having all these backs that make plays. All four backs that were in had a touchdown. Having that is good for the team."

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