September 7, 2006

Muschamp demands production

It's pretty cut and dry for Auburn defensive coordinator Will Muschamp when it comes to evaluating players in practice or games.

He hammers it into his defense every day - production.

"It's no different than the business world," said Muschamp. "You either produce or you don't. That's what we try to stress to our players."

It may seem like a simple term but when Muschamp talks about production, he's talking about a whole new system of evaluating players. They're no longer given a percentage grade, but instead production points - after every practice and game.

"A corner could grade 90 percent and have three bad plays and those three bad plays can cost you the game," said Muschamp. "I think it's hard to give a percentage grade. I never understood what that was."

Players can earn production points on many factors including tackles, sacks and interceptions. They can also lose points on missed assignments, alignment and not using proper techniques.

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