September 9, 2006

Chris Horton delivers the hit

UCLA hard hitting junior safety Chris Horton has been a hard luck story over the past two seasons suffering injuries to his foot as a redshirt freshman and then when he started to feel like himself again he broke his wrist during training camp prior to the 2005 season. With all of that behind him he had a solid football game against Utah. Nice game against Utah Chris was that the first game you played in a long time without any pain of some kind?

Horton: "Definitely Utah was the first game in a long time where I felt real healthy and being out there healthy again was very satisfying." Can tell us what you were thinking about before the game and good did it feel?

Horton: "Before that first game I'm always a little bit nervous and I didn't know what they were really going to come out and do so I'm always a little bit nervous but after that first play I became myself again."

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