September 16, 2006

Rainey shows flashes

CINCINNATI - It looked like it would be the Chris Rainey show at the outset of the game as the future Florida scat-back took the opening kickoff 95-yards for a score. However, the little back was bottled up for most of the game for Lakeland, Fla., rushing for -2 yards on nine carries in the first half. The problem? Rainey needs to run the ball outside the tackles and Cincinnati (Ohio) St. Xavier strung him out for much of the game.

Rainey is very quick and elusive, there's no doubting that. But when folks ask us why he's not a Rivals100 player, the answer remains the same. He can't effectively pound the ball inside because he lacks size and durability would come into question. At the high school level, you can't contain speed like Rainey has for a full game, but at the college level? We'll see.

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