September 23, 2006

Fearless predictions for UH

Last week, we got a little more on target across the board with our FAU predictions, while still staying in the bold/fearless category. We'll try to keep it up this week.

Prediction #1 - We've opened with predictions for quarterback Bobby Reid's performance. We'll get to that in a moment, but will flip the script and look at the opposing team's QB. OSU first-team defense has looked really good against three subpar opponents. We think that's for real. Even so, UH quarterback Kevin Kolb will come up with some solid stats. We see him completing about 62% of his passes for 265 yards and two scores.

Prediction #2 - On the other side, how much OSU can get to Kolb will be very important. Depite Kolb's quick release and short drops, the Cowboy defensive line should be able to get to Kolb to the tune of four sacks, if not more.

Prediction #3 - It should be a very good day for OSU tailbacks. The Cougar run defense is no great shakes and OSU will look to control the clock somewhat with their ground game. We see about 210 yards rushing from OSU's tailbacks in the game.

Prediction #4 - Junior safety Donovan Woods has his best day as a defender, racking up 8 tackles and a pick.

Prediction #5 - Perrish Cox gets back on track after muffing a couple of punt returns against FAU. He fields punts and kicks cleanly and takes a return to the house against the Coogs.

Prediction #6 - Ah yes, Mr. Reid. We've had a hard time pinning down his stats from game to game, so we'll go with this: Reid throws for fairly substantial yardage against UH, but on relatively few attempts...along the lines of a 20-yard per completion average. He also sets a new personal best as a QB on the ground. 45 yards vs. Arkansas State is the number to beat.

Prediction #7 - We've called all three OSU wins so far (big feat, huh?) and have done fairly well on score predictions. Hopefully that trend continues, as we're picking an OSU win by a 31-20 score.

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