October 10, 2006

Coach Karl Dorrell meets the press

Monday afternoon Coach Karl Dorrell meets with the press and it was apparent that he was pleased with his team's performance on Saturday. Why not, he had a stellar performance from his backup quarterback Patrick Cowan and not to be lost in all of that, but the defense was once again solid.

"Good afternoon and I hope all is going well," Dorrell said. "Good win last week. It was a good solid performance for our football team. I was really impressed with the way us having an injury to our starting quarterback and I'm sure we will get to that in a moment, that Patrick Cowan came in and played as well as he did.

"The way he (Cowan) played was a true testament to the competition that came from training camp. He (Cowan) always stayed involved with our game planning and he had an opportunity to help us win a football game. He played very, very well. I thought our offensive line protected him while the receivers made some plays and gave us a pretty good advantage at halftime portion of the game.

"Then we finished the game very well. Our defense responded again with another shutout performance in the second half. They had held Arizona to negative 13 yards rushing and less than 300 total yards for the game. It was a very productive game for the defense.

"Offensively we had a couple of really good drives. We started one drive inside the 10 yard line and drove the field for a field goal, which was a good time consuming drive.

"Our special teams played solid again. I feel we really improved again from the previous week.

"Ever since our loss up in Washington, we has a team, have responded really well and improve week after week and I'm encouraged by that and we need another week of improvement again going up to Eugene this weekend.

"We know Oregon is a very good football team. Just like ourselves and we're starting to catch that improvement in our program where were not quite at our potential yet, but it is fun to see that we are able to be productive and win and play hard and do all the important things that win football games as we improve."

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