October 15, 2006

Are the Horns worthy of national title talk?

Does Texas deserve to be talked about as national title contenders?

Let's be honest, this was not a picture-perfect performance by the Longhorns. Far from it, in fact. But fans that are expecting perfection week in and week out are going to be disappointed far more often than not. Unfortunately, that seems to be the case for a good portion of the burnt orange faithful. Texas won this game by 32 points against an improved Baylor team, but much of the talk on Saturday night focused on a handful of negatives that the game presented.

I can at times be as critical as anyone - it is my job, after all - but to those fans that are still wringing their hands over the performance of the Longhorn defense, Colt McCoy's arm, Greg Davis' game plan, etc., I have one bit of advice … take a look around.

In a week when a team like USC struggled against Arizona State and Georgia lost at home to Vanderbilt (need I go on after that one?), it should be as evident as ever that any win is a good win. For the Longhorns to put up 63 points and still have to listen to a slew if criticisms is almost mind-boggling.

No team this year, and that includes Ohio State, has been dominant every single time it has taken the field. Teams have up weeks, teams have down weeks. And as seen by watching the Horns on Saturday, tides can shift back and forth from quarter to quarter, even series to series.

For you bottom line folks, I offer the following … this is a damn good Texas football team, and the win over Baylor did nothing to disprove that. When Texas is on its game, there's not a team in the country that the Horns cannot play with. Are the Longhorns the best team in America? Nope. Could they win every game left on their schedule and then knock off any team they'll face in the bowl game, even if it's in the national championship? You bet. As they say, on any given day …

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