October 25, 2006

Ware Looks to Contribute in Jacksonville

Junior tailback Danny Ware has played very well
against Florida in his two previous trips to Jacksonville as a Bulldog. According
to head coach Mark Richt and running backs coach Tony Ball,
Ware will be a big part of the offensive attack this weekend in Jacksonville.

"He has always ran well against Florida and I hope
we can get enough plays to get him in there," said Richt of playing Ware
more often this weekend following practice Wednesday.

Ware ran for 103 yards on 18 carries in the 31-24 win
against the Gators in 2004 and he ran 71 yards on just 14 carries last year
in a close 14-10 loss in Jacksonville.

"They say I will be out there a little more and
coach has been saying be prepared whenever you go in because this is going to
be one of those games we are going to get some carries," said Ware. "I
am looking forward to it and I have been pretty successful in the past against
these guys, but that is all in the past and you have to go by the future now
and be ready for this game."

Ware credits his success against Florida to feeling like
an underdog when the team plays in Jacksonville.

"I know I am extra focused against these guys and
I know they are coming out trying to beat us and they probably think they can
walk out there just show up and beat us, so we are going to go out there, be
focuses, prepared, and ready to play," said Ware of the playing Florida.
"I always feel like people underestimate us and they do not have faith
in us and that is pretty cool to me because it is whatever they want to believe
I just know we will have confidence going into this game and we are going to
go out there focused trying to beat these boys."

Coach Ball will try to rotate Ware in the offense more
often this week given his prior success in Jacksonville.

"He is the second guy and as I have said all a
long all of them are starters when we are in the game and that is how I view
them and that I how I expect them to perform," said Ball. "He is
preparing himself and he is excited about the opportunity he has in the game."

Ware and starting tailback Kregg Lumpkin will
look for more action this week against the Gators.

Kick Return Job Open

Asher Allen took quite a few blows
in the Mississippi State game on kick returns, is battling, and injured hip,
so coach Ball may have to make a change at kick returner.

In the mix behind Allen are freshman Prince Miller,
Ramarcus Brown, redshirt freshman Bryan Evans and Danny Ware.

"Right now I am looking at four guys and they are
guys that came to me and said hey coach I want that opportunity and they are
guys that we have worked in preseason at some point," said Ball. "I
want to see who is going to make me feel the most comfortable in doing what
we need to do back there."

Coach Ball is working five guys at kick returner this
week and hopes one of them can separate from the other four.

"I have got Asher and Prince who have been getting
work all year long and I am looking at Bryan Evans, Ramarcus Brown who did it
last year and he worked it during the spring and preseason and I had to narrow
it down, but he has got some reps in there," said Ball of the top four
options at kick returner.

One dark horse candidate is Danny Ware who coach Ball
is working a potential kick returner this week.

"I am going to look at Danny and see if he can
do a better job and a good job communicating back there since has been back
there all year long," said Ball of Ware. "He understands the operation
back there, so I am going to look at him and see if he can do it."

It is difficult to practice the kick return game in practice
without contact, so coach Ball may have to try several guys during the game.

"You cannot simulate the game and our scout team
guys can fly in there pretty good, but it is not same," said Richt of
the practicing kickoff return in practice.

Coach Ball said he will make he decision Friday on who
will handle kick returns for Georgia.

"I am going to look at today's practice and
see how we perform tomorrow in the kicking practice and I want to stand back
and see how the guys are communicating," said Ball. "I want to see
how clean they catch it, so I am not going to make a decision until Friday."

Looking for Two Kickers

With the season ending injury to Brandon Coutu
and the knee injury to third string kicker Ben Wilson, the
Bulldogs are turning to the veteran punter Gordon Ely-Kelso to back
up Andy Bailey.

"He is our number two guy, Bailey is our guy, but
you have to have a second guy ready to go and there really is no on else to
do it," said Richt of Ely-Kelso and the kicker situation. "There
are other guys who could, but I wanted a guy with game experience so it would
not be a shocking situation or their first time ever."

Ely-Kelso thinks he will only be used in an emergency

"I think it was mainly because Ben Wilson was hurt
and is down, so if Bailey gets hurt I am the only guy who can do it who can
back him up," said Ely-Kelso. "The last time I kicked a field goal
in the game was in high school so it has been a long time since I kicked a field
goal against a rush. Maybe last year I had one or two, but I am getting more

Ely-Kelso has very little experience at Georgia placekicking
and he will have to work on his timing before he can do it in a game situation.

"I am pretty good with a set ball out there kicking
it, but I have to get the snap and the hold down," said Ely-Kelso.

The senior punter is confident he can handle the duty
if coach Richt asks him to kick field goals or extra points.

"I am sure I would do alright because I have been
kicking balls all my life," said Ely-Kelso. "I was talking to Coutu
and he said that if I do get in there I do not want to embarrass myself."

Ely-Kelso's longest field goal in high school was
48-yards, but he thinks he could hit one longer than that in a game.

"I have kicked 65-yard field goals before and I
have always been able to kick, but accuracy is a big thing," said Ely-Kelso.
"In a game I would want to look for accuracy, but if they need me to kick
a long one I'll do it."

If Ely-Kelso kicks walk-on safety Rowdy Francis
will hold for him.

Brown Ready for Action

Redshirt sophomore cornerback Ramarcus Brown will play
this weekend against the Florida despite a nagging hamstring injury that caused
him to miss the Mississippi State game last week.

"He looked ok today, but I did not see what happened
after we broke from our eleven on eleven, but after we took our break he looked
pretty good," said Richt. "The timing is tough and the ball is not
there when you leave so you have to get used to the ball getting down with your
kicking motion."

Brown is expected to start Saturday against Florida in

Utility Lineman

Senior offensive tackle Michael Turner is preparing
to start at split guard if junior guard Chester Adams' ankle
is not ready for Florida.

"We are still evaluating Chester and if we do think
Chester can go full speed we will keep Turner where he was," said Richt.
"If we think Chester is fine, Turner would get work at tackle like he
was getting before rotating him around and maybe rotating him with Chester.
It might be wise to do that some because I do not know if Chester can play the
whole game full speed even if he is in there."

Coach Richt thinks Turner is their most versatile offensive

"He played good and he is good football player and
I think guard is more of his natural position," said Richt of Turner.
"He might be the only guy that can play center, guard, and tackle for

Injury Report

Freshman linebacker Darius Dewberry has not
practice all week do to a strained hamstring.

Practicing in green jerseys Wednesday were Chester Adams,
Nick Jones,
Martrez Milner, Ramarcus Brown, Mikey Henderson,
Sean Bailey, and
Tony Wilson.

Other News and Notes…

Senior defensive end Quentin Moses was named
a finalist for the 12th annual Chuck Bednarik Award. The Bednarik award is given
annually to the Outstanding Defensive Player of the Year. Moses has 25 tackles,
nine tackles for a loss of 34 yards, three sacks for a loss of 20 yards and
21 quarterback pressures this season.

Moses is one of 15 semi-finalists for the Bednarik Award,
which is given annually to the Outstanding Defensive Player of the Year.

"We made some nice plays on both offense and defense
in our one-minute drill," said Richt of Wednesday's practice. "We
were competitive on both sides of the ball. A.J. (Bryant) made a nice catch
for a score on a ball from (Matthew) Stafford."

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