October 28, 2006

Fearless predictions for NU

Last week's fearless predictions fared pretty well, but we're giving ourselves zero credit due to wussing out and not picking a winner. Won't happen again.

Prediction #1 - We picked Dantrell Savage as last week's impact running back and hit on that one in a big way. This week, we see Savage getting his first start in an OSU uniform. Even if he doesn't, we're sticking with him as this week's impact RB.

Prediction #2 - We've picked a breakout day for D'Juan Woods more weeks in a row than we care to admit. Perhaps not predicting it will cue up such a day for the senior via reverse mojo. In any event, we will predict a WR breakout - the rest of the receiver corps not named Woods or Bowman. Count TE Brandon Pettigrew among "the rest" for today. Among that group, only Pettigrew has hit double-digit catches for the season. Ricky Price and Anthony Parks are overdue to get more involved in the passing game.

Prediction #3 - OSU has gone a few games without a special teams touchdown, but we think they'll get one today.

Prediction #4 - Nebraska quarterback Zac Taylor will put up a season-high for rushing yards. The good news for OSU fans is that the bar is set very, very low - nine yards is the number to beat for this prediction to come true.

Prediction #5 - Look for the Cowboy coaches to try some new personnel on defense this week. Like a similar prediction a few weeks ago, we're not prediciting wholesale changes or even new starters. Just look for a few guys to get more snaps than they have recently. Quinton Moore might be one, and Clint Coe making his defensive debut (after special teams duties the last two weeks) is another.

Prediction #6 - A similar prediction for the special teams units. Most won't be noticeable, but you might see a change in one of the kicking duties.

Prediction #7 - We promised no more waffling on picking a winner, but you may not like it. Nebraska by a 31-24 score. Take heart though, we're on a solid streak of getting the score pretty close but missing on our pick for the winner.

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