November 15, 2006

Players respond to Jeff Bowden's resignation

News that Jeff Bowden is stepping down as FSU's offensive coordinator is starting to sink in with the Seminole players. Some have had interesting reactions to the development and spoke with the media this week about how they are handing one of their coaches moving on.

Senior running back Lorenzo Booker

His reaction to the news:

Were we shocked? Sure, there's a lot of criticism that goes on but the fact of the matter is that everybody here is on the same team and we are all a family. Everybody wishes the best for Coach JB and obviously it's going to be a transition for everybody especially the wideouts -- guys like Greg (Carr) and Chris Davis. Like I said, you just wish him the best. You wish there is something you could tell him to make the situation better but if Coach B (Bobby Bowden) can't convince him it would be hard for anybody else to.

Is there some pressure taken off you guys now that there has been a change made?

I don't think so. If anything it makes us want to go out there and play harder. Like I said, it's one of those things where there's finger pointing going on and maybe people will feel like things will get better because he's gone but that doesn't do anything but make us want to finish the season stronger to try to convince people that we are a family. We win as a team and we lose as a team and that's the last thing we want, is to have him leave feeling that way, or anybody else for that matter.

Has he seemed any different since the announcement?

He's been pretty tough throughout my career here. There have been only two times, including this one, when I looked at him and felt like there are some things one his mind. There was last year at the Gator Bowl and obviously we came out and took that worry off his chest but (Tuesday) was different. Last year it was almost like a fed up thing like he was almost tired of it, which is understandable. This is a sport where you have a tough skin, but (now it's) more of a relaxed and at peace look. For us it's an uncomfortable feeling because you don't want to see anybody that is in your family hurting especially when you feel like he's a sacrificial lamb. So against Western Michigan and against Florida we really want to do our part to see to it that he doesn't leave here feeling that way.

Do most of the players on the team feel he's a sacrificial lamb?

I would think so. We haven't spoke about it, and it's an uncomfortable subject. Whenever somebody puts this much time and effort in at as you do to make something work and it doesn't, you feel bad like you could do more. Like, 'what could I have done?' I just think everybody was just feeling like, 'dang, maybe I could have done this, or done that, or maybe if I could have made this play things would have been different.'

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