November 24, 2006

Watts plans to return

Three days after Kansas State completed its regular season at 7-5, junior free safety Marcus Watts, with a soft cast covering his wrist and part of his forearm, announced he should be available to play in the Wildcats' bowl game, the program's first postseason appearance in three seasons. Listed as midseason second-team All-American by Sports Illustrated, the 6-foot-1,191-pound Watts hopes to make his presence felt in the final game of the 2006 season.

Are you going to be back for the bowl game?

Everything is on pace. I should be back. Yep.

How badly did you want to play against Kansas?

I wanted to play really bad. I was going to go up and watch the game, but I thought it would be too difficult for me to go up and watch it. I'd want to be out there with my teammates. So I stayed home and watched it on TV.

What was it like watching it on TV?

I was frustrated. We beat ourselves and KU played well. Our defense didn't play very well. It's hard for me to speak on our team since I wasn't there.

How frustrating was it to be out again after working so hard to get back?

Actually, I've taken it a lot better than I thought I would because I learned from my last injury and even though I didn't have to miss any games really, I learned a lot from the last injury. This one, I knew I was going to come back. It wasn't as serious as the other one. It's just something you learn over time. It's not the first or second injury I've had. I know I'm going to come back and be stronger next year.

You're one of the few players who have been to a bowl before. What bowl game would you rather go to?

Well, I've been to Tempe before, that's where the Insight Bowl is, and I wouldn't mind going there. But I'd also like to go someplace else, too. You don't want to go to the same place every year unless it's the national championship game every year. It'd be nice to go have fun in some other cities. It doesn't matter. Wherever we go is where we go, but we're just happy to be going.

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