December 1, 2006

Matt Grothe who?

Hello, national media, et al, I would like to file a missing person complaint.

Every time freshman phenom quarterbacks are mentioned, there is one name that you inexplicably ignore. He's nowhere to be found. One Matthew Grothe.

As far as you in the mainstream national media are concerned, the only freshman quarterbacks in the nation are Colt McCoy, Mitch Mustain and Tim Tebow. While they are all good players and - let's be honest - most likely headed for great things, they are not the end all and be all. I, along with almost everyone who calls themselves a USF fan, like to think that we have a legitimate entry into the top freshman quarterback competition.

If given a choice, I cannot think of a single freshman player I would be willing to trade for Mr. Grothe. Forget the numbers. Forget the hype. Grothe has that "it" factor. Call it moxie, call it poise, call it being a winner, call it what you will - Matt Grothe is a player.

How many times have plays looked all but over, only to have Grothe scramble out of the pocket, squeeze through a hole and make a play downfield? How many drives and subsequent scores has Grothe pulled out of the negative-play category? ESPN, you're missing a major opportunity; you could easily fill your top ten plays with the ones Grothe makes routinely.

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