January 30, 2007

Lewis' coach discusses his prized play-maker

A&M Consolidated's Detron Lewis made his decision to attend Texas Tech public on Tuesday and RedRaiderSports.com followed up the news of his commitment with a conversation with his head coach Jim Slaughter. Slaughter discussed Lewis' play-making ability, how he thinks he'll fit in at Texas Tech and what he brought to his team this past season.

What is Detron's best attribute as a player?

Slaughter: His ability to catch the ball, he had phenomenal hands and then to turn a three yard pass into a fifteen yard gain. He can not only catch the ball, but he could turn three yards into 15 better than any kid I had ever seen.

What does a player like Detron bring to a team?

Slaughter: Let me give you an example. A great example I think would be the Brian game. Every lineman on their team had enormous size and it was very difficult to run the football and we went into that game knowing we'd have to throw the football. He was the difference maker in that game and caught some amazing balls. It sure was nice to have Detron. We won that game in the second overtime. He made a catch in the second overtime that was phenomenal. When the quarterback threw the ball there was nothing but blue around Detron and the quarterback looked like he had thrown the ball out of bounds and Detron jumped up brought the ball down for a big first down. He's just tremendous.

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