April 2, 2007

Class of 2006 begins to make it's mark

When the class was brought in, it was pretty clear that Oklahoma's group of signings for 2006 had a chance to make a real splash. After one full semester on campus it seems the group is already taking the proverbial bull by the horns as you can see in this SoonerScoop.com exclusive photo feature.

At quarterback two members of the class, Joey Halzle and Sam Bradford seem to be in a dead heat for the starting position.

Meanwhile other members like Gerald McCoy, Demarco Murray, Jeremy Beal, Mossis Madu, Adrian Taylor, Chris Brown, Chase Beeler, and Jonathan Nelson were also making a splash on Saturday for the Sooners.

Of course, most are already familiar with Brown and Jermaine Gresham due to their contributions as freshmen. However, it wasn't simply a show of young Sooners with players like Nic Harris having big days.

And even though Lendy Holmes was unable to practice, he still found his way into SoonerScoop.com's photo gallery.

Photo Gallery No. 1

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