April 9, 2007

Game week! Sort of

Mike Gundy said the format he's chosen for Saturday's Orange and White Game will be similar to a draft, though coaches won't pick players one after the other.

Instead, the staff will meet as a whole and divide Oklahoma State's players into two equal teams.

"I'm going to let the offensive and defensive staff divide them up as best they can because we want to play a good game," Gundy said.

The rosters should allow OSU to play a full-speed game, and Gundy said he's not going to limit the offense's play selection or the defense's contact.

"We're going to try to do it all," Gundy said. "Full-speed field goals, PATs, punts, punt returns - the only thing we probably won't do is full-speed kickoff and kickoff returns because that makes me a little nervous."

Gundy said he chose to divide OSU's roster into two equal squads instead of pitting the Cowboy first-team against the second-team because it should translate into a more entertaining game for fans. Had OSU kept the first- and second-teams intact, Gundy said he would have likely devised a scoring system which would have helped benefit the defensive units.

"You make the decision - do you want to have a scoring system that allows the defense to score, or do you want to play a game?" Gundy said. "We're going to split them up and play a game and just score it like a normal Saturday."

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