April 24, 2007

Leach and Woods at odds

It is an undoubted truism that practice makes perfect. Or, more to the point, practice makes improvement. And coaches adhere so strongly to that dictum that one would hardly be surprised if a coach coined the phrase far back in the hoary mists of time.

Perhaps some ancient Athenian discus coach admonished his star slacker with those very words before the upcoming Olympics.

Who knows?

One thing is for sure, however: Texas Tech head football coach Mike Leach believes strongly in the phrase. Like just about any coach, he utilizes every possible moment of available practice time to the max and seeks to do so with supreme efficiency.

Leach even utilizes this wisdom in actual football games. He regards games as practice opportunities, and that is a chief reason why he often continues to play his starters long after the game is won and continues to throw the football even when his team has a massive lead. Tech's offense is built around the pass, ergo Tech throws the ball relentlessly in an effort to improve that offense. Simple.

Leach's devotion to practice also explains his recent demotion of star running back Shannon Woods, initially to the scout team, and according to the most recent depth chart, to second team status.

Now you don't just arbitrarily dump the guy who ran and caught for 6666 Ranch acreage for your team in 2006. No, there's a burr in that saddle-blanket and the burr is nothing less than Woods' lackadaisical approach to practice. It burns Leach up.

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