May 15, 2007

Carter's stock still rising

Woodbridge [Va.] C.D. Hylton athlete/wide receiver Morgan Carter wasn't just another face in the crowd in State College following his wide receiver MVP performance at the Elite College Combine in New Jersey. The well-spoken 17-year old spoke with about his camp performance following his workouts on Saturday.

BWI: How did you fare today?

Morgan Carter:
"Today was pretty good. I got in with the warm-ups and it was a great group of receivers out here, and we really bonded together. A lot of these guys were at the Elite Combine in New Jersey and I had met them at the All-America Combine before. So once we got here, there was a little East Coast connection and we were all hanging out and that made us push each other in the warm up drills and the SPARQ pre-testing drills that we were doing. Once we got to the routes each of us were critiquing each other and how we ran our routes and caught with our hands. If you made a nice catch or had a nice juke you had someone there to tell you about it."

BWI: What does a day like today teach you?

"I know that I got to work that much harder. I have to get that much more separation, I have to get that much sweeter on my break-offs, so what it has made me do is just work that much harder."

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