August 3, 2007

When is Batch back?

Part two of two on Texas Tech running back Baron Batch.

After seven months of hard rehab, where some days running back Baron Batch would work out his ankle two or three times a day, the now sophomore is finally seeing some improvement and his faith continues to strengthen along with his ankle.

"After I run on it a bunch or do a hard workout it kind of swells and gets stiff but it's not hurting like it used to," said Batch. "It used to be to where in the mornings I would not be able to walk on it, I would just have to limp around.

"But I've started running on it and I'm probably 80% by now. It's feeling pretty good, it's getting there. I'll be rehabbing it for several months after this just for maintenance."

One of the most popular questions of the off-season has been whether or not one of the fan favorites would be back on the field this fall and going through fall workouts.

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