August 1, 2007

Bryant, Harrington back from injuries

Two of Texas A&M's most well-known seniors on defense haven't played since last fall after missing the spring due to injury. The injuries kept defensive tackle Red Bryant and defensive end Chris Harrington on the sidelines during the spring, but that didn't keep them from being part of the team.

Instead, during each spring practice and scrimmage both Bryant and Harrington were constantly on the field encouraging teammates and acting almost like an extra pair of coaches.

That's what seniors can bring to a team. It's the confidence they exude and the experience that they have that rubs off on every player in an Aggie practice jersey.

"I wouldn't wish injury on anybody or myself, but I feel that I made the most of it," Harrington said. "Red and I, that was our mission in the spring to lead vocally, and it forced me to lead more vocally. That's something in the past that I struggled with. During the spring I was forced to evolve and change my leadership."

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