August 20, 2007

Horns looking to build the right chemistry

It is the heart that pumps both love and hatred into the game. It is the heart that creates the intensity that initiates a rivalry. It is the heart, the very soul of a man, that players follow onto the field of competition. It is the heart that makes my teammate my brother.

Is it leadership? Is it chemistry? Can you have one without the other? Is it the accountability that a relationship on more than the one level brings to something or someone? What is chemistry - building relationships, building a relationship outside of football that causes me to care about the success of my teammate? It means I'm not just fighting for me; I'm fighting for my teammate too. I'm fighting for something greater than just the value of the collected group of individuals.

Jimmy Johnson constantly talked about Hurricane football when he was at the University of Miami. He didn't talk about individuals, he didn't talk about himself. He talked about Hurricane football. He told his team in a pre-game speech during their 1987 national championship year, "You play it like champions, play it with poise. You get down, you get back up. You get them down, you play like Hurricanes!"

Colorado Coach Dan Hawkins took his team to play paintball.

Some coaches use stories from the Bible.

John L. Smith used his running with the bulls in Spain.

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