August 27, 2007

Counting down 20 Fearless Predictions

In this week's Just Joshin' it has been decided to combine your traditional musings of mine along with my annual '20 fearless'. For our new members it's a scary look inside my mind mixed with a few opinions on just what might take place in the 2006 season. And what better time to offer such things than the Monday of Oklahoma's first game week of the season?

20. At least once a week Oklahoma's ESPN highlights will possess a Reggie Bush reference.
Analysis: No matter how obvious it is, no matter how tired it is, we're going to hear the Demarco Murray and Bush stuff until we're all wondering where Boomer Sooner ends and 'Fight On' begins. It's amazing that Murray has yet to step on a game field and it's already a tired comparison, but it's the most obvious and direct. I'll hold out hope that I'm wrong on this one but I think it's something that Murray may have difficulty ever shaping, well unless of course he plays in a National Title game and manages to avoid trying to run the option 40 yards down field.

19. In spite of two years lost to injury Ryan Reynolds will emerge as Oklahoma's best linebacker.
Analysis: You don't have to listen to Brent Venables talk for long to realize just how good he feels that Reynolds could be. You listen to Reynolds talk about his excitement of a return to action after being injured in the summer of 2006, and again earlier this spring, and you realize motivation won't ever be a problem. It seems that Las Vegas native is regaining the lost confidence in his knee and should be among the starters this time next week. The most impressive note is that Reynolds could be the best of a linebacking corps that will really surprise the rest of the Big 12.

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