August 28, 2007

'That's my prediction.'

STILLWATER - It was the last question he faced from the firing line of media members inside the press box at Boone Pickens Stadium Monday afternoon:

"Are you guys going to beat Georgia?"

Pausing for a moment, eyes looking up to the air, a slight laugh escaping his mouth, he thinks about it, then answers.

"Yeah. That's my prediction."

Hey, when you're the starting quarterback for Oklahoma State and you get asked that, what are you supposed to say: "We're going to get creamed"?

It's very tame as far as bulletin-board material goes, and about as close as any OSU player has come to providing any to Georgia. Chalk it up to anticipation. About 10 minutes earlier, Bobby Reid said he was tired of talking about the upcoming opener against UGA and that he was ready to just get out there and play.

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